Lanny Morrison For Arizona House


I promise to tackle the real issues in Arizona, issues that every Arizonan cares about.

✓ A Strong Public Education System

  • Public education is the foundation of our democracy
  • Building our economy must begin with restoring our public education system

I support:  

  • Restoring K – 12 funding to pre-recession levels
  • Restoring higher education funding to pre-recession levels
  • Leveling the playing field among public schools, charter schools, and private schools, including curricula, accountability, and purchasing

✓ Jobs for all Arizonans

   I support: 

  • Expanding tourism opportunities, including eco-tourism
  • Recruiting companies to relocate, but not just by offering financial incentives
  • Providing workforce training, which includes restoring funding for community colleges 

✓ Sensible Water Policies

  • We must ensure that our children and grandchildren have this precious resource 
  • Our natural resources–so important to our economy–rely on water, too

I support:

  • Developing smart water conservation policies that are fair to all 

✓ A Child Welfare System that Works for Children

    I support: 

  • Adequate funding to properly staff the system 
  • Updated computer systems 
  • Policies and procedures that ensure no child falls between the cracks 

✓ Protection of Voter Rights

      I support:

  • The right of every citizen to vote
  • Oppose any suppression of voter rights