Lanny Morrison For Arizona House


As a businessman and an educator, I know how to create jobs and build an economy today that will grow for Arizona’s future.

I have witnessed Arizona’s legislature devote time and energy pursuing ideological measures that have hurt Arizona’s economy.

It’s time to elect representatives to the Arizona legislature who are willing to tackle the real issues that will serve all Arizonans, build our economy, and create a better future for this state.

What do I stand for?

  • Public education — the foundation of a sound economy and a thriving democracy
  • Good Jobs — based on a diverse economy and a solid foundation in education
  • Safe Roads
  • Healthy Forests 

I have decided to run for the Arizona House of Representatives from LD-6 — to chart a new course. I have both the background and experience to make a difference. I ask for your support. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Dry Bags for also supporting our website.

On the cliffs 3

Lanny at Vermilion Cliffs